NLU-01 Utility Irons

Much easier to hit than long irons!
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The NLU-01 utility iron provides unparalleled forgiveness and ball speed.

The 431 stainless steel body is laser welded to a CS455 clubface. Expect optimal sound and feel from this gorgeous beast!

The unique design redistributes the weight towards the extremities of the club and provides higher launch angles and softer landings.

Moreover, the reduced offset will appeal to the better player and provide the ultimate weapon for shot shaping on tight tee shots.

IT'S NOT JUST NEW, it's New Level!


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Club 18 U 21 U 24 U 27 U
Loft 18.0 21.0
24.0 27.0
Lie Angle 60.0 60.5
61.0 61.5
Offset (mm) 3.0 3.0 3.0
Length 39.75" 39.25" 38.75" 38.25"
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