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Unlike some smaller golf manufacturers, we pride ourselves on an awe-inspiring design philosophy that shows through in each of our products. 

We don't have a panel of engineers trying to re-invent what we know to work. 

No piece of equipment we make is average. Good isn't good enough!


Read our client reviews and trust the data of unbiased testing sources. You'll see we only do it right. 

Simply put, we only make golf clubs that will make you play better. 


I refuse to add something to the product lineup unless it is demonstrably better than it's predecessor.  

When you place your order, your clubs are built and shipped straight to your door. 


Once they arrive, you'll see that we take great pride in our work. 

If you are dissatisfied with your clubs, you have 30-Days to return them. 

Although we've grown a lot over the last three years, we'll never grow too big to lose touch with you, our customer. 

You are the driving force behind New Level Golf.





Eric Burch

Founder and CEO